Scent List

We have a range of fragrances that are kept in stock all year round. These include: 

Apricot and Rose - rich and intense fragrance with top notes of apricot and nectarine blossom, middle notes of rose and gardenia and deep and sumptuous musky base notes.

Aspen Caramel Woods - A sweet accord with notes of bergamot, orange, fig leaves & raspberry leading to heart notes of lily of the valley, candy floss, liquorice and strawberry resting on a base of woods, powdery musks, vanilla and caramel.

Blueberry Vanilla - A fruity blend dominated by blueberries and strawberries with the sweetness of vanilla.

Cherry Blossom & Plum - Orchard fruits glistening in the dappled sunlight, twisted creeper vines dance with heavily scented white floral blooms, leaving a trail of soft woods and sweet amber musk.

Clean Cotton - A super fresh and clean laundry scent with ozonic wafts of light white musk.

Coconut and Apricot - A sweet oriental accord opening with notes of coconut, lemon, orange, mandarin and peach leading into a floral heart of jasmine, lily and rose resting on a sumptuous base of sandalwood, amber, musk and creamy vanilla.

Coconut & Shea -creamy coconut accord with supporting floral tones of jasmine, lily, heliotrope, hawthorn and violet on a base of vanilla, tonka, amber, sandal, cedar and caramel.

Damson Plum, Rose & Patchouli - Floral accords of jasmine and rose are surrounded by sweet patchouli and fruity plum.

Enchanted Forest - A strong pine scent, like wandering through a forest of evergreens.

Fairy Dust - A powdery soft floral bouquet, with creamy musks and sandalwood.

Grapefruit and Vanilla - A zesty burst of pink grapefruit, mandarin, lime and sour lemon, transforming effortlessly to reveal creamy base notes of sweet vanilla.

Jasmine and Orchid -  A floral fragrance with bergamot and pomegranate leading to a diffusive heart of peony, orchid, jasmine and plum resting on a substantive base of musk, precious woods, amber and dry flowers.

Laundry Fairy - Fresh and uplifting, like a pile of fresh laundry! Similar in style to a popular laundry scent booster.

Lily & Cotton Musk - A powdery soft, woody floral with a heart of meadow lily, jasmine, white neroli and iris wood wrapped in clouds of dreamy musk, precious amber and smooth, creamy vanilla.

Nectarine & Honey Blossom - Succulent nectarine, peach and cassis and delicate spring flowers melt into the note of acacia honey.

Parisienne Spring - An uplifting floral fragrance. With notes of rose, bergamot, ylang ylang and violet, you'll feel as though your home is filled with spring flowers.

Pink Peony & Cotton - A delicate and soft blend of pink peony and cotton.

Pomegranate and Orange – A fresh fruity fragrance with notes of pomegranate, orange, mandarin, grapefruit and cassis, resting on a base of precious woods, musk and dry fruits.

Raspberry and Lychee - A fresh mouth-watering lychee fragrance with supporting notes of raspberry and pomegranate and hints of peach, pear and red apple.

Rhubarb and Rose - A crisp mouth-watering rhubarb fragrance smoothed by elderflower, tea rose and hints of pineapple resting on a base of musk, velvety woods and dry fruits.

Seychelles - A rich exotic fragrance combining top notes of bergamot, orange & soft peach leading to a heart of coconut, jasmine and a creamy base of amber, creamy vanilla & almond.

Strawberry and Rhubarb - A perfect fruity fragrance, combining freshly picked strawberries and sweet pink rhubarb.

Snow Fairies - A vibrant, sweet, fruity accord with notes of bubblegum, banana, pear drops, musk and vanilla with sweet candy floss..

Thai Lime and Mango - A refreshing zesty accord with mouth-watering Indian lemongrass, Italian lemon and Thai lime supported with fresh pineapple, melon, grapefruit and juicy mango.

Velvet Peony and Oud - A rich warm fragrance with damask rose, smoky oud wood with a hint of praline. 

Verbena Coconut and Citrus - A rich, creamy coconut fragrance enlivened by fresh lime and verbena.


We also have a range of fragrances to match the season.

The Autumn Collection:

Autumn Walk – A warming sweet woody scent that begins with top notes of bergamot, lemon and sugar. The heart is a blend of violet, jasmine and rich sticky balsamic notes. At the base vanilla, sandalwood, patchouli and musk complete the profile. 

Blackberry and Bay - A floral and fruity fragrance. White plum, honeysuckle, peach and black tea top notes give way to blackberry, orange blossom and bay leaves and base notes of vanilla, oakmoss, cedar and creamy sandalwood that support the whole fragrance.

English Oak and Hazelnut – A rich woody fragrance opening with fresh lemon and green leafy notes leading to a light nutty heart of jasmine and hazelnut with hints of amber, cedarwood, oakwood, patchouli and musk.

Hot Cocoa -deliciously tempting fragrance of warm hot chocolate with melted marshmallow topping.

Maple Walnut – An autumnal fragrance of warm walnuts smothered in sweet maple syrup.

Midnight Berries - A sparkling fruity delight of cranberries and elderberries lavished by a hint of pine nuts, dry orange peel, gala apple and a sprinkling of juniper berries.

Pumpkin Spice -rich, creamy pumpkin spice fragrance with lashings of cinnamon, nutmeg, clove and ginger.

Plum and Mulberry – A stunning fruity fragrance, with top notes of red berries, apple and pear, mid notes of lychee, plum, mulberry, cassis, jasmine and rose, and base notes of peach.

Toasted Praline and Pear - A stunning accord with top notes of juicy pear and green apple on a heart of toasted praline and cocoa powder resting to a base of vanilla milk.

Toasted Marshmallow - A deliciously tempting scent reminiscent of toasting marshmallows over a campfire.

Tobacco and Oakwarm, masculine scent, comprising dry, dusty tobacco, soft bergamot and gentle tobacco flower, sitting on a base of amber, leather and musk.

Vintage Bookstore - An intensely rich woody accord with soft top notes of leather, bergamot pith, green leaves and warmer citrus notes, leading to a complex heart with nutmeg, patchouli, and a soft base of amber, tobacco and sandalwood.