A Brief Guide to Pillar Candles

A Brief Guide to Pillar Candles

Our Pillar Candles have been created with a calming, minimalistic look and feel. Designed as beautiful home décor pieces, they also provide a satisfying burning experience.

We want you to get the best look and performance from our candles, so have created this handy guide.

What is a pillar candle?

Pillar candles are structural candles that can take many shapes and forms. They are designed to stand without a container, instead holding the wax within the candle as it burns down, creating the most beautiful warm, golden glow in the vessel. 

Each of our decorative pillar candles have been designed in pretty floral shapes, and have been hand-poured in small batches using 100% natural wax and cotton wicks.

Whilst they are primarily for decorative purposes, you can burn them if you wish.

What can you expect when burning?

Due to the handmade nature of our products, each candle is unique and will have differing results. Our pillar candles can be expected to have an unpredictable burn time due to the variation in wick position and width changes as the candle burns; this is why all burn times given are approximate, and likely to differ per candle.

If you look after your candle, you are more likely to get a better burning experience.

If you plan on burning your pillar candle, follow these steps for the best burning experience:

  1. Place your candle onto a flat candle coaster or tray; this will collect any wax spills.
  2. Trim your wick to 5mm and light.
  3. Follow our instructions below for each of our floral candles.

Daisy Pillar Candle

The cylindrical nature of our daisy pillar candle is most like the style of a regular pillar candle you may have seen before.

Ideally, the first burn should last for at least four hours, allowing the wax to reach the edges of the vessel. If the candle is extinguished before this, it may cause the candle to 'tunnel', resulting in a build-up of wax around the vessel's sides.

Every time you extinguish your flame, please take care to centre and trim your wick. We do recommend burning the remainder of your candle in at least four hour increments, as this will help to keep the burn more even, and ultimately give you a longer overall burning time.

As your candle continues to burn, you might notice the wax starting to build up around the top. You can use your fingers to gently fold the outer edges inwards towards the centre, effectively 'hugging' the candle. This will allow the flame to reach the upper parts of the vessel and burn more evenly... go on, give your candle a little hug!

This should be repeated as your candle continues to burn, until the candle has melted to the bottom.


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Tulip Pillar Candle

The beauty of burning our Tulip pillar candle is that it will look like an adorable little tulip lamp!

The first thing you'll notice is the petals falling after a few hours of burning; they can do so either inwards or outwards. We have noticed best results when burnt for longer periods, so would recommend burning your Tulip candle for at least four hours at a time.

Once all the petals have fallen, the wax should stay within the bottom, wider area of the vessel. Occasionally gaps may form between the petal 'leaves', allowing the wax to spool onto the candle coaster.


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Blossom Pillar Candle

Our Blossom candle really does look the part due to its pretty floral design! Due to its sphere-like shape, you can expect to see wax drip down the sides straight away.

Once the initial drips have taken place, the candle should hold the wax within the vessel as it burns down. In a similar way to our Daisy candle, you can 'hug' the sides of the candle inwards so that the flame is able to reach the outer areas and burn evenly. Gaps may start to form between the flower shapes, allowing the wax to pool out.

Once the candle has burned down entirely, you might be left with some of the wider part still intact. With scented candles, you can break this up and add it to your wax burner; providing even more burn time!

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Pillar Candle Care Tips

    Trimming your wick

    Each time you light your candle, you need to make sure your wick is trimmed accordingly. A trimmed wick creates a steady, calm flame, helping your candle to burn evenly. Be mindful to also keep your wax pool clear of any debris such as wax trimmings.

    If your wick is too long, this may create a high, unsteady flame, sooting or smoking. Extinguish your candle and trim your wick.

    If your wick is too short, you may notice the flame dimming; this indicates that the wick may be at risk of 'drowning'. Extinguish your candle and remove some of the wax surrounding the wick.

    If your wick is off-centre, you will notice that one side of your candle is burning quicker than the other. Extinguish your candle, wait a few minutes and then move your wick slightly so that it is centre again.

    Please keep an eye on your wick throughout the burning of your candle as this determines the results of your candle. The image below shows an example of an off-centre wick before and after moving the wick between burns.

    Burn time

    All burn times are approximate. To get the most from your candle, avoid short burning times, to avoid 'tunnelling'. Minimum burn time differs from candle to candle, but as a general rule, burn each time for at least four hours.

    Candle Accessories

    Candle Coaster/Tray Wax drips are to be expected when burning pillar candles. We would recommend a larger coaster so that it will be able to collect all the wax.
    Wick Snuffer Using a wick snuffer offers a more delicate way of extinguishing your candle, and enables you to prevent the soot travelling around too much by enclosing it inside.
    Wick Trimmer A wick trimmer allows you to prolong the life of your candle by ensuring it is trimmed accordingly.
    Wick Dipper An alternative to a wick snuffer, a wick dipper provides a cleaner, smoke-free option at extinguishing your candle by dipping the wick into the melted wax.



    Candle Safety Information

    Treat gently to avoid damage

    Never leave a candle unattended

    Do not place near a draught/in direct heat or sunlight

    Keep away from children and pets

    Always use with a candle coaster/tray


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