Our Story

BLOSSOM & IVY BOTANICALS was established in early 2020, when my hobby of making wax melts turned into a business! The mission was to create natural-scented, long-lasting soy wax melts that were affordable without compromising on quality.

I had a clear focus on botanicals, and took the time to find natural-scented oils (no artificial-smelling nasties here), creating a range of fragrances I love and would personally buy myself. The true beauty of floral scents shines through in our collection, especially in our floral-themed products, such as our botanical wax brittle and our unique scoopable wax.

As a brand, we pride ourselves on attention to detail, and providing a unique customer experience. Our customers have come to know and love our eco-conscious packaging that, being both recyclable and compostable, not only looks the part but has the planet in mind. Whether you're purchasing for yourself or a friend, that unboxing experience should leave the recipient feeling all kinds of happy!

Although I deal with the majority of the business, and focus more on the creative aspects, my fiancé Tom is also involved. I refer to him as the 'business brains'; always giving advice, offering new ideas and bringing his excellent excel skills. I really am so lucky to have him.

If you want to hear more about our journey, you can read our blog.

Thanks for reading!

Laura x