Safety Information

Botanical Wax Melts


Our wax melts are suitable for use in electric and tea-light burners. Whenever there is a naked flame involved, there is a possibility of danger. Please follow these tips to ensure your safety:

Do not eat.

Do not place your burner near a draft, or in a position where it could be reached by children or animals.

Always use within sight, and never leave unattended.

Do not attempt to move the burner whilst the wax is still hot; wait until it has solidified and cooled.

Do not add water.

Only use unscented, four-hour tea-lights, and ensure that you extinguish them before you leave the house and/or go to sleep.

Do not overfill your burner.

Consult your doctor if you have any sort of reaction to our products, and take our packaging with you. Each product has its own unique CLP (Classification, Labelling, Packaging). This is required by law and is extremely important to be aware of. Potential allergens found in the fragrance shall be listed on the back.


The good news is... our melts can be re-used a number of times! Once the scent has gone, simply dispose of the wax in a suitable way (do not pour down the drain as this may cause a blockage).