Subscriptions: All You Need to Know

Subscriptions: All You Need to Know

POV: You've been eyeing up our subscriptions for a while now, but aren't too sure whether to subscribe.

What does the box include? How does it work? When will it arrive?

I'm here to tell you everything you need to know about our subscriptions.

What's included in our subscriptions?

Our subscriptions are excellent value for money.

Each month you will receive:

  • Four bags of flower-shaped soy wax melts (this is usually two permanent, one seasonal and one exclusive fragrance). A total of 24 flower-shaped wax melts (6 of each scent).
  • A tea sachet... because life is just better with tea!
  • Shipping included

All this for only £11.99 a month!

Here you can see an example of a box:

How it Works

The beauty of our subscription box is that each month you will receive a pretty package of wax melts straight through your letterbox! No hassle, no fuss, just a beautifully curated parcel of happiness.

  • Our subscription boxes are dispatched once a month, usually within the first seven days.
  • No matter what day in the month you place your order, you will always receive the following months box.


If you sign up any day in July, your first box will be posted in the first week of August.

If you sign up any day in August, your first box will be posted in the first week of September.

And so on.

  • Once dispatched, subscriptions usually take 2-3 working days to arrive. All you need is a wax burner and tealights and you're ready to bring the new scents into your home!



We offer several different subscription types to allow flexibility as we know some people melt more frequently than others!

  • We have our most frequent monthly option that will arrive every month; you can choose 3, 6 or an unlimited amount of months to receive your box. Remember, you can pause or cancel at any time!
  • Our next option is our bi-monthly option that will arrive every other month; you can choose 3, 6 or an unlimited amount of months to receive your box.
  • We also offer a pre-paid subscription. This is a great choice if you are gifting to someone else or if you would like to sample one box before fully subscribing. You can choose a 1, 3 or 6 month pre-paid option.


If you have chosen our recurring monthly or bi-monthly subscription, your wax melt subscription will automatically renew each month on the date you first subscribed.

For example, if you signed up for a monthly subscription on the 14th February, your next payment will be taken on the 14th March, then 14th April and so on.

PLEASE NOTE: If you signed up in the first week of the month, your next payment will usually be taken before receiving your box for the month - but it always catches up.

By purchasing our monthly or bi-monthly subscription box, you are agreeing for a payment of £11.99 each month to be debited from your account for 3, 6 or an unlimited amount of months, unless you choose to cancel.

Pause, Cancel or Amend Info

Our website has now been upgraded so that you can cancel or pause your subscription at any time yourself by logging into your account on our website (you must have made an account first).

You can log into your account here.

1. Once you have logged in, click 'My Subscriptions' on the right hand side.

2. Next, click on the subscription you would like to alter.

3. It will then allow you to either pause or cancel.

There will also be options to change your payment details or your address.

If you are having any problems, you are more than welcome to contact me via email and I can sort it on my end.

Why Choose To Subscribe?

So now you know exactly how it works, but what's the beauty of subscribing? Find out below alongside some customer testimonials.


Our subscription boxes act as a little self-care package each month; a little treat, reminding you to take some time for yourself.

"...the subscription box is I have to say the highlight of month, I can’t wait to get it & see what lovely scents are in there," - Kelli


We include a variety of fragrances from fresh and floral scents to woody and smoky.

"...great long lasting scent throw with loads of variety on offer through the monthly subscription," -  Vikki

"Loving my subscription box. Filled with a wonderful selection of fragrances that I can't wait to use & so beautifully packaged too," - Joanne

Find new fragrances

The beauty of a subscription is that the scents are a complete surprise; you might end up finding new scents to love - even ones that you wouldn't have necessarily chosen yourself! 

"I never ever fear a delivery or ever worry I won't love whatever scents I myself order or those that I receive from my monthly subscription and have even loved certain scents I wouldn't ever normally purchase or have considered," - Bex

Exclusive fragrances

Every month we include one exclusive fragrance that isn't available to purchase on the website. Previous scents have included: Violet, Berry Banana, Coconut and Apricot, Cypress and Grapefruit, Autumn Leaves, Oak and Redcurrant, Cucumber and Melon, Bergamot and Patchouli and lots more!


With our flower-shaped wax melt bags usually costing £3.95, you are making a great saving by receiving four bags for £11.99 including shipping! Our subscriptions really are a great way of finding new fragrances to love at a lesser cost.


So there we have it - everything you need to know about our subscriptions.

Any further questions? Don't hesitate to let me know!

Happy melting,

Laura x

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