Earth Day 2022: 3 Ways We’re Being Green

Earth Day 2022: 3 Ways We’re Being Green

Earth Day is an annual event that raises awareness for global environmental protection; it's our collective opportunity to take action!

As consumers, I think it is important for us to think about our choices as we shop if we have the means to. I've recently started making changes when I'm out; little things like opting for the loose fruit and vegetables at the supermarket, or choosing the pasta that comes in a cardboard box as opposed to plastic.

Other changes to my daily life have included using a reusable water bottle, refusing plastic straws and trying to eat less meat. Tom and I also bought a compost bin so that we are able to compost our food waste and any other packaging we receive that is compostable like mailers. We're not perfect, but we're trying!

We shouldn't underestimate our collective power if we all try to make daily or weekly changes.

However, when it comes to the consumer market, so often it seems to be the small businesses who place importance on the environment. Maybe even more importantly, we should be putting pressure on big businesses who value profit over planet in the hope that they will start taking note.

Being planet-friendly has always been really important to me, and one of our core values here at Blossom & Ivy. So I've decided to tell you three ways our business is being green. I hope you enjoy!

Botanical Wax Melts

1. Planet-friendly packaging

When it came to developing packaging for Blossom & Ivy, It was really important for me to have the planet in mind. It would have been easy to go down the clamshell route; plastic moulds that you pour the wax straight into and sell as they are. There are clear benefits of using these clamshells for business owners; no de-moulding, no washing moulds... lots of time saved, and they can look really pretty!

However, I just couldn't justify the amount of plastic it would involve using. So I opted for glassine, a paper product that is recyclable, biodegradable and compostable (and glassine can be pretty too, right?!) But our wax melt packaging isn't the only example of our eco positive choices. We've been eco-conscious from the beginning; our recyclable paper tape, FSC certified tissue paper and dissolvable packing peanuts are a few more examples.

By purchasing our products I hope that you'll feel you've made a positive choice for the environment.

Below is a quick guide to our packaging. As you can see, the majority of our packaging is either recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. In fact, our glassine wax melt bags are all three! Last year I tested out these bags in our own home compost bin and they have completely disappeared. I'm hoping to document the process in stages this year so that I can show you more accurately how long it takes.

The only thing not on the list is our stickers, as these are waste (I'm working on it though... I've been designing some paper belly bands this month!) We do also occasionally use a small amount of bubble wrap and polystyrene with our wax burners, as this is how they arrive to us from our supplier. This is all re-used; we never buy any ourselves.

2. Supporting other UK makers with similar values

I'm really excited to be launching our Gift Box Builder in May. This will allow you to create your own gift boxes with any of our products included, and will gradually build up to include other products from makers around Nottingham and the UK. I'm going to be including small businesses whose ethos' mirror ours.

Botanical bath bomb

We'll be featuring these beautiful 'Rose' Bath Bomb from Secret Bath Bombs in our upcoming Gift Box Builder.

Here are a couple of green small businesses:

A La Kart Creations - Kitti runs a wonderful sustainable small business that sells printable products made from recycled, eco-friendly materials. We've already featured her seed bombs once, and I'm sure you'll be seeing some of her products here again soon!

Luisa's Vegan Chocolates - Luisa and her daughter Isabella have created such a wonderful ethical chocolate business in Nottingham. Not only do they place emphasis on their eco-friendly packaging but they source their cacao from family run farms and pay them more than fair trade!

Shop Zero - I only very recently came across this store located in the heart of Nottingham. They sell sustainable goods with minimal packaging, alongside cupboard essentials like rice and pasta! You can simply take your containers and fill them up... it really is the future (here's hoping). I'm looking forward to paying them a visit next time I'm in town! 

3. Our subscription to Ecologi

This year I wanted to go even further with our green values and have decided to subscribe to Ecologi. Ecologi are on a mission to reduce half the world’s emissions by 2040 through Collective Action. We are now sending a monthly donation that will fund climate projects and plant trees all over the world.

*UPDATE* We wanted to make our charity donation closer to home, so now support the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust with a monthly donation instead.


We've already planted 98 trees this month with Ecologi!

So there you have it; three ways we're being green this Earth Day (and all the other days of the year!) Thank you so much for taking the time to read this blog. Please feel free to leave a comment below. I'd love to know whether you place importance on supporting green businesses, or any changes you've been making yourself to help the planet!

Not sure how you can help? Here are 52 Ways you can get involved this Earth Day because its never too late to start making a positive impact on the environment.

Laura x

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