10 Reasons Why We Love Wax Melts

10 Reasons Why We Love Wax Melts

There's no doubt that the popularity of wax melts has grown substantially over the last few years.

At first glance, wax melts can offer a fun and affordable way of scenting your home, but with a variety of other home fragrance products available, you might be wondering why to choose wax melts over any other.
There are many reasons why wax melts are a great alternative and why so many people love them.
Here are our top ten:

1. Affordability

Wax melts are certainly the most affordable way of scenting your home compared to candles, as they can be purchased for only £1, and each portion can last multiple burns.
We love how inclusive wax melts are for all budgets; you don't need to spend a lot to try new fragrances.

2. Variety 

Whether you prefer botanicals or glitter, pure white or brightly coloured, floral or bakery scents or even squeezable or scoopable wax... the variety of wax melts you see on offer really is endless.

There's a style to suit every taste!

3. Safer Burning

As opposed to candles, you have the option to go flame-free by choosing an electric burner; a great choice if you have pets or little ones in the house.

If you do opt for a tealight burner, the good news is that you aren't at risk of leaving it burning for longer periods of time like a candle, if you follow our safety guidance and use four-hour tealights only.

4. You're in control

You can control the strength of your fragrance depending on how much wax you add to your burner.

Everyone is different; some like it super-strong whilst others prefer a less over-powering scent. We'd recommended putting a little bit in your burner first and judging the scent.

You can always add more if needed!

5. Seasonal

 Possibly my favourite reason of all... wax melts can be fun!

One of the main reasons I love wax melts is the creativity they allow, especially when it comes to developing seasonal collections.

Thinking about different designs, scents and colours that will conjure up particular feelings; whether it be soft florals in spring or cosy, warming scents in autumn, there's something so exciting about those seasonal designs.

I absolutely love hearing feedback from customers when they tell me that a wax melt has made them feel a certain way!

6. Eco-conscious

Depending on which company you go with, wax melts can produce less waste. With our responsibly sourced, biodegradable ingredients and recyclable and compostable (and new plastic-free!) packaging, you can feel you've made a positive choice for the environment.

Unfortunately glass candle jars do often reach landfill each year. In comparison, wax burners are durable and can last for many years with proper care.

Find out how we're being green with our brand

7. Aesthetic

 The beauty of wax melts is that they won't only make your home smell great, but look great too! With a variety of wax burners on offer, you can purchase one that suits your décor, providing a beautiful statement piece in your home.

8. Gifting

Wax melts can also provide a beautiful inexpensive gift. Whether you are introducing a loved one to the world of wax melts with a cute and affordable starter kit, or helping them to top up their stock, wax melts allow you to do so at a great price.

9. Simplicity

Wax melts are simple and quick to use! You just add a portion of wax to the well of the burner and within minutes you will begin to smell the fragrance.

Once the fragrance has gone, you can clean the burner by following a couple of straightforward steps: light a tealight for 30 seconds until the rim of the wax has loosened. Then you will be able to pop the wax out.

10. Long-Lasting

 As mentioned earlier, wax melts can be used multiple times, until all the scent has evaporated. Our customers often tell us that the scent has lasted much longer than the average length per cube making wax melts excellent value for money!

Do you have any other reasons why you love wax melts?

Let us know in the comments below!

Laura x

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